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This web site allows you to note your company or a company you work recently You can add comments in connection with your experiment in your company. You can give a rating of 1 to 5 stars on money, Fun and technology (tools and techniques) You can rate only one time each company, but you can add a comment all the time.

We are dedicated to improving our customers performance by applying our knowledge of software developement for mobile and desktop computers and power transmission to deliver great values and innovation all around the world.

Sala Mobile lets you know the 5 prayers times in Islam in more than 100 city in the world, the thing that make the task of making prayers in time much more easier for you, wherever and whenever you are. It is quiet simple to use it, and you have the possibility to turn the time in the summer one, too. In fact, you can access to many settings to have the most accurate time. It is offered in two languages: Arabic and English.

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